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Quality Healthcare is Built Upon Great UX

Stopping short of creating effortless user experiences is not an option. Healthcare payers and providers must meet the needs of their customers today.

By 2023, 65% of patients will have accessed care through a digital front door as healthcare providers look for better ways to improve access, engagements and experiences across all services.

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Health Industry 2021 Predictions

At UpTop Health we create the simplest, most effective customer journeys in the multi experience environment of healthcare for our clients. Our expertise in strategy, UX design, and technology, intersect to bring digital transformation and new capabilities to your business.

In these unprecedented times, we have set out to to raise the standard of healthcare digital experiences for payers, providers, and their customers – leveraging our collective experiences in our core business to deliver what people come to expect and need.

It’s not enough to play catch up anymore. New players outside the industry will soon shakeup everything that you know. Don’t get left behind. Let’s talk and see how we can rise to the challenge together.

How We Can Help

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a rapid design methodology where empathizing, understanding, ideating, prototyping, and testing solutions with users can provide the insights to create better experiences and outcomes for the intended user.

UX Strategy Sprint

Inspired by design thinking, our approximately 10 week UX Strategy Sprint follows a highly structured process designed to identify problem areas, discover opportunities, and align on the components of a North Star vision.

Design Sprint

Design sprints will help your company answer pertinent business questions by applying design thinking in compressed, focused phases which allows for accelerated product feasibility determination – reducing risk while effectively glimpsing the future.

Digital Strategy

UpTop Health takes a holistic approach to digital strategy, focusing on the intersection of your business needs, technology, and brand strategy across your organization’s systems and channels. We’ll want to ensure your customer experience is cohesive and consistent across every touchpoint.

Journey Mapping

UpTop Health is experienced at creating customer journey maps which visualize user interactions throughout your digital experience, allowing you to see your brand from your customers' perspective.

Solution Architecture

Our Solution Architects will help you engineer the specific solution you require by auditing as much of your enterprise system that directly applies, then crafting the architectural strategy necessary to achieve your business goal.

Program Management

Our program managers keep your projects, on time, on track and on budget by managing expectations and keeping your business goals in the forefront. Proper planning is critical to prioritize and mitigate risk and meeting deadlines, this is what we do.

UX Audit

By conducting varied methods of UX analysis, UpTop Health will help you conduct a thorough audit of your users' journey through your digital experience. Uncover opportunities to improve your digital experience by scheduling your UX Audit today.

UX Research

Analyzing your users' experience using a variety of investigative methods, tools, and techniques better informs overall design strategy. UpTop Health will help you transform that research into actionable insights that ensures a frictionless user experience.

UX Design

To innovate, you need an idea that inspires, data that backs it up, and a plan to make it happen. Welcome to UX Design. Our user experience design team will help you define your problem, ideate on solutions, and execute your vision using lean UX research methods and proven design strategies.


An envisioning workshop will help bring clarity to your idea and align everyone behind a common goal and vision. UpTop Health will lead your team through exercises that will help build empathy with users, ideate on solutions, and envision the experience through prototyping.

Visual Design

Strategic use of color, layout, white space, typography, and images shapes the user interface including consideration for accessibility, consistency, usability, and scalability. Our visual designers focus users on intended goals by creating hierarchy and guiding them through the designs as intended.


Prototyping is essential to visualizing the experience before it's built, ensuring alignment on vision and usability optimization. Having a tangible experience to rally around allows you to make better informed decisions and reduces risk in product development.


Patients and Payer Members expect the same level of convenience and availability as they get from their banks, e-commerce and travel providers. UpTop Health will help you build modern, fast and durable customer experiences on the web and mobile platforms.

Custom Applications

Your business stands apart from the competition. You’ve created a unique service, that’s why often 3rd party products don’t fully reflect the value you bring to your customers. In UpTop Health, you have a team with the expertise to translate and deliver your offering online.

Mobile Applications

More than a half of all internet traffic is mobile. Your customers are expecting an app-specific experience. UpTop Health will help you identify relevant mobile services and implement them in a state-of-the art app.

API Integration

In the healthcare space it’s next to impossible to build anything without consuming or offering information through APIs. We will help you integrate or create custom APIs that will remove friction in your data flow.

Legacy System Integration

We do not fear your legacy system and there is no reason you should either. We have vast experience helping companies connect their older systems to viable solutions, adding functionality, longevity and improving the overall user experience.

Interoperability API

The biggest challenge payers are facing is pulling data into a single database and mapping your dataset onto the USCDI structure. Depending on where your organization is starting from in this process, we will help you build a CMS/ONC compliant FHIR API.

“We evaluated multiple companies and we were looking at three different companies of who to move forward with. We felt like UpTop had the most strength in their UX Discovery process to get us all aligned and marching in the same direction with the same vision”

Casey Goddard, Director of Product Management / CX and Content, Premera Blue Cross

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