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Solution Architecture

Finding Solutions to Business Problems

A key to successful digital product development is defining your solution architecture. Solution architecture helps visualize how different aspects of information and business and technology structures can be applied toward a particular solution. You must balance selecting the most appropriate technology for a problem with the architectural concerns of the project as well as the concerns of the enterprise.

A common misstep in the digital product development process happens when requirements are not properly elicited and clearly defined up front. User requirements, business requirements and technical requirements are “three legs of the stool” that are equally important to the success of your digital project. Without clarity in all three areas, your enterprise makes decisions without seeing the whole picture.

The process of defining your solution architecture is not “waterfall” or “agile”. It is foundational. In combination with digital strategy, the solution architecture defines the underlying vision for the solution and the plan for execution so you can meet your goals.

  • Examine. Current systems architecture, processes, workflows, and requirements
  • Problem Solve. Identify how technology can solve a given business problem
  • Recommend. Which tech-stack, platform, and framework can be used to create the solution
  • Design. How the solution will look, what the modules will be, and how they will interact with each other
  • Mitigate Risk. Assess and mitigate risk in third party platforms, solutions and frameworks
  • Plan for the Future. How will the solution scale for the future and how will they be maintained

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Reduce risk

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Improved decision making

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Create a holistic vision

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