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Concept. Test. Validate. Iterate.

Prototyping is an important tool in the design process as it allows your users and your organization to react to your product or digital experience before it’s actually built. Prototypes allow us to explore problems, ideas, and opportunities early in the development process and iterate on designs as we learn from them. They also provide the ability to better inform company stakeholders and other decision-makers, helping to motivate changes and encourage buy-in.

UpTop Health will help your company decide whether a prototype is necessary, and at which stage of the process it would provide the most value.

  • Concept. Creating early concepts allows for exploration of ideas before choosing a direction
  • Test. Puting prototypes in front of users gains valuable insights for the iteration process
  • Validate. Proves or disproves hypotheses set forth in your designs
  • Iterate. Refine your experience with user insights to create a better product

"We set the bar very high, and UpTop constantly impressed me with their quick ability to land value."

Katie Spring, Sr. Business Program Manager, Microsoft


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