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Legacy System Integration

Plan Globally, Act Locally

Any successful business deals with legacy systems. Often the cost of switching from legacy software and the difficulty of it’s customization make it difficult or even impossible for a business to add any new functionality to their online offering. It shouldn’t stop you from innovating.

UpTop has helped clients wrangle old systems into collaborating with the rest of the network. By using connectors, APIs, data reformatting and ETL processes we’ve been able to standardize data and make it available for use in the company’s suite of applications.

Often it’s not possible or reasonable to upgrade legacy software, you can use our expertise to architect a system that would retrieve data from the old database and use it to power your new infrastructure. Moreover, we will help you create and implement a plan to gradually phase out legacy infrastructure and seamlessly transfer assets to the new one.

  • Assess and evaluate. Take a look at your current infrastructure and identify systems blocking further development.
  • Plan globally. Create a long-term plan to move critical assets from antiquated infrastructure.
  • Act locally. Your biggest blocker should be your first target.
  • Transfer and repeat. Transfer critical assets into modern systems according to plan.

"UpTop is a skilled, customer-focused organization with an excellent work ethic. They provide accurate and timely-based results that meet customer expectations."

Mark Howes, Lead Project Manager, CenturyLink


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