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UX Strategy Sprint

Utilize Design Thinking to Solve Complex Business Problems

Are you looking to innovate or have a vision for a future state but don’t know how to get there? Or maybe you have a large problem to solve but there is little research done? Inspired by design thinking, our approximately 10-week UX Strategy Sprint follows a highly structured process designed to identify problem areas, discover opportunities, and align on the components of a North Star vision. By the end of the sprint you will have a concept design and interactive prototype validated with user research, a design blueprint and technical roadmap for implementation, and business leverage and internal alignment around a vision forward.

  • Discover. Analyze existing documentation and conduct additive research to understand the problem space
  • Define. Facilitate 2-3 day worksop with key stakeholders and users to identify problem areas, discover opportunities, and align on a North Star vision
  • Design. Develop mid-to-hi fidelity concept wireframes that map to the ‘happy path’ of the north star vision
  • Deliver. Create a clickable prototype to test, evaluate, and iterate using the R.I.T.E. method

"I just think what was most impressive is that we went into this engagement we had to toe the line of focusing on the customer and making sure we are getting the right outcomes, and we were able to achieve everything that we needed to achieve and walk away with what we expected."

Casey Goddard, Director of Product Management, CX and Content, Premera BlueCross

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Clarify your problem

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User-validated solutions

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Internal alignment

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