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Visual Design

Make a Great First Impression

Visual design shapes the user experience by considering visual effects and their aesthetic appeal using the basic principles of design such as balance, contrast, scale, etc. This includes the strategic use of color, layout, white space, typography, and images. Successful visual design focuses users on the intended content and guides them through your digital experiences with purpose.

UpTop Health designers have the visual skills and experience to bring out the best in your digital experience. We’re great at adapting to existing brand styles or evolving them. We’ve created brands from the ground up as well. We’re current on the latest trends, but our goal is always to design for timelessness.

  • Positive. Make a great first impression
  • Trust. Users will trust your site more if the design looks professional
  • Beginner. Thinking like a new user benefits all users
  • Brand. Clear, consistent design will strengthen your brand
  • Simplify. Great design can say more with less

"We used UpTop to supplement our development team during a high visibility project. They quickly brought quality devs onto our team, who worked tirelessly to help us deliver our app on time and with great success. I'm constantly looking for upcoming projects where we can engage the team at UpTop again!"

Software Engineering Manager, Belkin


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Branded experiences

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Consistent visual language

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Simple & clear interfaces

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