Making Healthcare More Accessible for Employers and Their Employees

HMA (Healthcare Management Administrators)


Healthcare Management Administrators (HMA) is a leading third-party benefits administrator that is focused on making healthcare more affordable and easy to understand for employers and their employees.

Being able to provide members with a digital experience that equals those of the National Carriers is a standard that HMA strives to achieve. Creating a more intuitive, user-friendly Member Portal that can be easily accessed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices is a critical requirement to meet today’s consumer expectations. So, redesigning their three branded Member Portals and six branded Mobile Apps to match the level of care that their members have come to expect when interacting with HMA’s team was a key objective for this initiative.

  • Challenge

    HMA’s Member Portal and Mobile App were reliant on 3rd-party solutions that limited their ability to control the customer experience.

  • Solution

    In the process of envisioning and designing the new Member Portal, HMA’s leadership realized that UpTop’s software development expertise could help them fill a gap to help build their new product and invited us to help them bring their new Member Portal and Mobile App to life.

  • Outcomes

    The new Member Portal and Mobile App are currently in development and scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2020.

Leveraging Expertise

HMA is known for their ability to customize self-funded benefit plans for employers, enabling those employers to create unique plan offerings for their employees. Managing these custom plans for multiple employers and their thousands of employees, is very complicated. It requires providing a cohesive multi-experience (MX) for members, employers and providers to interact with, and ensuring that the business processes, documentation, workflows, databases, backend systems, and CRM are orchestrated and in sync.

HMA’s IT team is very skilled at supporting their legacy systems, but needed to ramp up additional skills and resources to envision, design and build the new Member Portal and Mobile App.

HMA’s COO had familiarity working with UpTop in her previous role as VP of IT for Quorum Review IRB, and she believed that UpTop’s expertise could help HMA achieve their objectives, so she made a call.

HMA image

“UpTop embodies the spirit of collaborative partnership and understands what it means to work alongside the customer in their journey”

Katie Spring, Sr. Business Program Manager, Microsoft

Our Approach

UpTop was initially brought in to envision and design the new Member Portal and throughout the design process we worked closely with the Business and IT stakeholders to align on the vision for the product. During this process, HMA realized that UpTop’s software development expertise could help them to fill a gap to help build their new product, and expanded our scope to include solution architecture, backend development, API development, frontend and mobile app development.

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