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Your Portal is Your Ambassador

What do your patients or members do when they have a question about their plan or care? Do they have to get on the phone? Or can they find out everything fast through your website at their convenience? People don’t like to call customer support, much less waiting on the line. A portal is a chance to implement your brand promises and provide a frictionless experience.

Most of the inquiries both for patients and members are the same: they need to know their claims status, test results, order a new ID card. These seem like simple tasks, but due to the complexity of information management and interoperability, it’s difficult for many companies to present the complete information in a clear, understandable format.

UpTop helps you navigate the complexities of the backend systems, pull and standardize data and present it in a simple, yet comprehensive interface. Our experience with member and patient portals allowed us to come up with a perfect blend of functionality and presentation to create engaging portals that translate your excellent offline service online.

  • Assemble requirements. Which information and functionality will be available to customers?
  • Identify sources. Where is the data coming from?
  • Standardize and massage data. Create a single repository for system-wide data.
  • Develop. Implement the functionality.
  • Measure and adapt. Analyze usage and make tweaks.

"We wanted to revamp our portal, which is our clients’ electronic experience with Quorum. We were looking for a firm that could give us the level of expertise that our IT group didn’t have at the time."

Sr. Director Client Success, Quorum Review IRB


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