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Journey Mapping

Journey Map Your Way to a Better Experience

Journey mapping is the process of creating a visual representation of every interaction your users have with your brand to accomplish a goal. It allows you to see your brand from the users’ perspective so you can design a better experience and build trust along the way.

We will work with your team to populate the user’s journey with key data points, creating actionable insights along the way. As a result of the journey map, we can then perform a exercise on a specified opportunity of the map to test out new solution ideas.

At UpTop Health, we are experienced at creating customer journey maps and helping you leverage the results.

  • Persona. Selecting the specific users’ point of view helps to accurately map their experience
  • Goal. Identifying the user’s goal helps verify the steps needed to accomplish it
  • Stages. These are the actual steps a persona takes toward a goal
  • Thought. Look at how the persona feels or reacts at each stage
  • Insight. Consider if the end result is positive or needs adjustment

"We trust UpTop, they hit it out of the park for us. You (UpTop) are at the top of my list for recommendation of an user experience firm. In the future if any of my IT Executive peers is looking for this service, I certainly recommend UpTop"

William Zauner, CIO, JAMS


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