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Perform Lean UX Research To Inform Your Designs

User experience research is critical to the success of your design project. You need a balance of quantitative and qualitative research to inform critical design decisions from the start of the design process as well as research methods to validate design decisions made along the way. This ensures that your designs are always grounded for whom you are designing for throughout the ebbs and flows of a design project.

UpTop Health will work with you to leverage any existing research you may have and recommend any research to be performed that may generate the most impact for your needs.

  • Listen. Unbiased customer feedback is invaluable
  • Learn. How do your customers see your product/service
  • Inform. Integrate valuable insights directly into the design process
  • Test. Validate your designs early and often with users

"The UpTop team conducted an in depth analysis of our online purchasing flow in order to determine opportunities to increase our overall conversion rates. We found their work to be insightful and diligent as not only they determined key usability disruptions in our 3-5 page funnel but they also provided valuable insight into the entire purchasing process."

Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, IdentityForce


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Quantitative and qualitative analysis

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Actionable insights

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Design validation

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