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Unlock the Potential Behind Your Great Idea

Ideation and envisioning remain two essentials in every design process. When you have a great idea, but are unsure how to realize it, an envisioning workshop will help you unlock its potential and build the roadmap to get there. Our workshops help you gather actionable insights from your entire team, align everyone behind a common goal, and transform your vision closer to reality.

Our human-centered approach discovers obstacles in your path, unifies disparate ideas, and builds the user empathy your team needs to generate testable solutions to real-life problems.

When you need help translating an idea into a plan of action, UpTop Health is your reliable partner.

  • Calibration. Internal alignment of key stakeholders on problem definition and vision
  • Truth. Unique, outside perspective not predisposed or constrained
  • Flow. Rapid idea generation from everyone involved including 10X thinking
  • Impact. Identifying users’ moments of truth and crafting them into a single experience
  • Tangible. A hands-on experience via a high-fidelity prototype
  • Function. An optimized, strategic roadmap based on design features

"Thank you so much UpTop Team. Your work to date has been exceptional! Massive kudos to you [Craig] - this is why I come back to you – you guys knocked it out of the park you never cease to amaze with the work that you do."

VP of Marketing, SAP Concur


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Internal alignment

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Rapid design thinking

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Interactive envisioning prototype

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