Design Thinking

From Problem to Prototype

You may have heard the phrase ‘design thinking’ tossed around a lot these days. Are you still wondering what it is or how it works? Design Thinking is an established set of iterative principles that we’ve integrated as part of our DNA. These methods include empathizing with the user(s), defining the problem to solve, ideating on solutions, prototyping, and testing one of those solutions. UpTop is uniquely equipped for design thinking because we bring an outside-in perspective and diverse experiences across many industries and problem areas. This allows us to use divergent thinking when ideating on solutions and converging on a single idea as needed, when needed. But the most important thing that we bring is velocity to get us to those outcomes, gathering the data and insights needed as we iterate on designs.

So how might design thinking work on your next project? You might have preconceived solutions to the problem you’re trying to solve and we can help you validate those assumptions. Or, you might have no idea on how to approach said problem. No worries, we can bring our expertise to guide you and your project through the design thinking process.

  • Empathize. Clarify the problem to be solved by finding out more about your users’ pain points and motivations
  • Define. Or redefine the problem so all are in agreement in solving the right problem
  • Ideate. Use divergent thinking to come up with a range of ideas and perspectives
  • Prototype. Building a simulated experience of the solution quickly to put in front of users
  • Test. Validating the solution with users, while gathering valuable data and insights

“UpTop has a wide range of capabilities. They had the rare ability to not only keep up with our speed but also bring unique and innovative ideas to the table. Their well of creativity never dried out in my experience. During the early stages of our product, they designed an excellent UX, then completely reinvented the product when we needed a refresh six months later.”

Katie Spring, Sr. Business Program Manager, Microsoft


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Rapid design iteration

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User-validated solutions

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