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Design Thinking

From Problem to Prototype

You may have heard the phrase ‘design thinking’ tossed around a lot these days. Are you still wondering what it is or how it works? Design thinking is an established set of iterative principles that we’ve integrated as part of our DNA. These methods include empathizing with the user(s), defining the problem to solve, ideating on solutions, prototyping, and testing one of those solutions. UpTop Health is uniquely equipped for design thinking. Through our collective work we bring an outside-in perspective and diverse experiences across many industries and problem areas.

We have developed the Design Sprint and UX Strategy Sprint to help our clients uncover insights and get their projects off the ground. While the approaches differ in length and depth, both are inspired by the design thinking process, uncovering insights, identifying opportunities, and ideating solutions while building alignment along the way.

  • Empathize. Clarify the problem to be solved by finding out more about your users’ pain points and
  • Define. Or redefine the problem so all are in agreement in solving the right problem
  • Ideate. Use divergent thinking to come up with a range of ideas and perspectives
  • Prototype. Building a simulated experience of the solution quickly to put in front of users
  • Test. Validating the solution with users, while gathering valuable data and insights

Design Sprint

If you’re tasked with solving a defined problem but you’re not sure where to begin, our 5 day Design Sprint is a great way to ideate and test solutions quickly.

UX Strategy Sprint

If a problem is large, ambiguous, and there is little research done, our ~10 week UX Strategy Sprint provides alignment and a roadmap to reach your North Star vision.


Complex problem

Research needed



Paper or digital prototype of one solution

Mid - high fidelity prototype with 80% of features and functionality

North Star vision


UX roadmap


Sprint length

5 day workshop

~10 weeks with 2 - 3 day workshop


5 - 8

5 - 8

Usability testing

Lean usability testing

R.I.T.E. usability testing

Design iteration



Solution ideation

Prioritized features

"We evaluated multiple companies and we were looking at three different companies of who move forward with. We felt like UpTop had the most strength in their UX Discovery process to get us all aligned and marching in the same direction with the same vision"

Casey Goddard, Director of Product Management, CX and Content, Premera BlueCross


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Rapid design iteration

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User-validated solutions

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Innovative mindset

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