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Phones are always in your customer’s hands or pockets. What kinds of services and experiences can you deliver to them at various times throughout the week? Research shows that it’s not enough to merely copy everything from your web application into an app, your patients and members are expecting the same level of convenience they get from their banks, e-commerce and travel apps.

Understanding your customers and their routines is the key to building relevant, highly engaging apps. Our process starts with understanding end users and their needs, which allows us to prioritize solutions and deliver an experience they can instantly connect with. Your patients and members value their health above most other things in life, which makes your job all the more meaningful and important.

You can rely on UpTop to help you navigate the complexities of strategy, planning and building an effective, engaging app for your company.

  • Design mobile experiences. Which features uniquely respond to your customers’ needs?
  • Leverage hardware capabilities. Mobile devices offer unique features you might want to use.
  • Choose platforms. Native iOS? Native Android? ReactNative?

"I approached UpTop because of their expertise in user-centered design and development, but also because of my prior working relationship with their UX Manager, Michael Woo,” said Mayer. “I knew that the synergy of this partnership would make communicating much easier and allow for more creative moments to happen."

Catherine Mayer, of The Catherine Mayer Foundation, creator of the L.A.U.G.H. App


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