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API Integration

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It’s become commonplace for online services to use 3rd party services to enhance your own value proposition and provide a unique experience. Your IT offerings can uniquely benefit from this trend as healthcare services touch a broad range of everyday endeavors: setting appointments, navigating to physical locations, payments, teleconferencing and managing information. You can leverage all these services and more to quickly build up tools for the convenience of your patients and members.

Navigating this landscape is not an easy task as different services are targeted to different niches, each will have an effect on your performance and in some cases it is wise not to integrate with a third party at all. UpTop is here to help your company strike the right balance between reduction of cost, convenience and efficiency on one side as well as performance, flexibility and security on the other.

  • Define personas and use-cases. Who is using our flow and for which purposes?
  • Identify common points of friction in their journey. What are the common frustrations our end users experience? Hint: have you tried entering a physical address properly without validation?
  • Research possible integrations. Make an optimal choice from a number of vendors.
  • Implement and optimize performance. Integrate with a service and take measures to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Measure. Test our hypothesis on friction points by measuring usage of various integrated tools.

“Qualitatively, it was a big home run. We were really a generation behind on our intranet, and the new site was just amazing.”

Bob Christopher, Sr. Manager of Communications, CenturyLink


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