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Interoperability API

Make Data Structured and Available

CMS/ONC standards for a unified API, although required only for payers and providers participating in government programs, are quickly becoming universally adopted across the industry. 

While these standards exist to put members and patients in charge of their own data, they also present considerable technical challenges to payers and providers. With member and patient data often dispersed across a number of sources, the process is anything but straightforward. 

The biggest challenge payers are facing is pulling data into a single database and mapping your dataset onto the USCDI structure. Depending on where your organization is starting from in this process, we will help you build a CMS/ONC compliant FHIR API.

  • Assess readiness. Analyze internal data, technology and process barriers.
  • Mitigate Data and Mapping Risks. Analyze data sources and hierarchy, map information onto USCDI standard.
  • Address Data Quality Issues. Work through incomplete, duplicate and corrupt data to present unified structure.
  • Build FHIR interface. Expose the structured data via a secured API.

"UpTop is a skilled, customer-focused organization with an excellent work ethic. They provide accurate and timely-based results that meet customer expectations."

Mark Howes, Lead Project Manager, CenturyLink


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Data structured to industry standard

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Single Source for Member Data

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Secure Public API

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