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Endless Possibilities

Coding is magic for the modern age, there’s no limit to the kind of experiences you can create to bring your services online.

There’s efficiency that can be extracted from using 3rd party services, but where it matters most, the application has to be an expression of your unique value as a business. Do you go the extra mile for your members and patients? Do you provide unique insights into their health? Do you make it easy for them to manage their health? All of these differentiators need to be properly represented online.

Over the past 20 years we, at UpTop, have built numerous custom applications: portals, communities, sales enablement, financial, CRMs, e-commerce and others. We use a tech stack that provides both flexibility and robustness, always with security in mind.

The unique value we provide for your business is in architecting the software for the present and future needs. It is important to setup the architecture of any custom application correctly so it can scale along with the business. This is especially important for CIOs who have to keep a bimodal view on their IT infrastructure.

  • Strategy. How does this application serve business goals?
  • Business requirements. What qualities and functionality the application needs to fulfill to be successful?
  • Planning. Delivering software in scope, on time and on budget.
  • Execution. Regular demos help keep everyone on the same page and the project on track.
  • Release. When the application is finally ready, we release it as a big unveiling or quietly in stages to select audiences.

"The other firms we talked to had more Ph.D.s than I've seen in academia. UpTop certainly had those credentials, and they had people who truly understood the discipline. But, what we liked about UpTop was that they balanced those credentials with practicality. We weren't just spinning our wheels talking about theory and user behavior constantly. They balanced theory with practical application in our industry. We found that valuable, and it distinguished them from the others."

Chief Technical Officer, vXchnge


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