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Program Management

Meet the Conductor of the Orchestra

A Program Manager (PgM) oversees a group of related projects to achieve a program’s goals. The PgM holds a bird’s-eye view of the big picture, may work with senior leaders across many departments, while ensuring that projects contribute to a program’s overall long-term objectives.

UpTop Health PgM’s have years of experience in the healthcare web and digital space, understanding the nuances that live in the industry. They’re proactive consultants that balance the business, design and technical needs with a common sense approach. Helping lay out and execute a roadmap from MVP to Northstar.

Let UpTop Health’s program managers keep your projects efficient and on track.

  • Vision. Program Managers hold a long-term view of a program’s goals
  • Strategic. A PM holds together all the pieces of a program’s projects
  • Supervise. Groups of projects rather than a single project are a Program Manager’s purview
  • Coordinate. A Program Manager communicates with senior leaders in multiple departments
  • Connect. Synergy between projects reduces costs and increases efficiency

"The UpTop team was not only easy to work with, but they took the time to understand our needs within the market. They demonstrated a high level of flexibility as our product matured during the development cycle, and delivered a solution that addressed the emerging issues of our end users. We would highly recommend UpTop!"

Director of Business Development, Vimocity


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