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Creating a User-friendly Web Portal and CMS that Increases Engagement and Conversions



Born from a broad experience of working with top athletes from around the world, Vimocity brings an innovative approach to the prevention, performance and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) within the workforce.

Vimocity wanted to offer their clients a solution that would increase employee engagement with their suggested exercise regimens, track conversion rates of those performing their daily routines, and digitize all current – and ongoing – participant and company information.

  • Challenge

    Vimocity found that participant engagement declined rapidly after the first visit, and they wanted the ability to engage with participants to increase performance of their prehab tracks.

  • Solution

    UpTop created a responsive web portal and custom CMS that allowed Vimocity to assign specific exercises to individuals, as well as update the data displayed to their users.

  • Outcomes

    Participants were able to login and review their customized exercise routines and track progress with 98% noting that they found the program engaging.



Vimocity brings injury prevention methodologies used by world-class athletes to corporate workforces and their employees. Their treatment plan starts with an initial test and questionnaire to determine a prehabilitation track for each participant to reduce the risk of injury.

Vimocity found that 2-3 weeks after their initial visit, participant engagement was decaying rapidly. They wanted the ability to have touch points prior to the next appointment to keep users interested and performing their prehab tracks. They were also interested in digitizing their administrative processes to reduce the paperwork required to set up and maintain their client accounts.

“The UpTop team was not only easy to work with, but they took the time to understand our needs within the market. They demonstrated a high level of flexibility as our product matured during the development cycle, and delivered a solution that addressed the emerging issues of our end users.”

Director of Business Development, Vimocity

Our Approach

UpTop worked closely with Vimocity to separate the work they could do on their own and where we could support in order to keep initial launch goals and budget top of mind. We used scalable technology to build a solution that kept the idea of future growth at the forefront, with the understanding that there would be varying user demands as the product evolved. The result was a user-friendly, responsive web portal and custom content management system (CMS) that allowed Vimocity to gather and store participant data and increase engagement with their users.


On the client side, the combination of the portal and CMS allowed Vimocity to assign specific exercises to individuals, as well as update the data displayed to their customers (e.g., exercise instructions, activity images, demo video links, etc). On the user side, participants could login and easily review their customized exercise and pre-habilitation routines, track progress and give/receive encouragement to one another online. Vimocity has seen great results with employees who are using the program with 98% of users affirming that they found the program engaging and 99% noting that they would recommend it to others.

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