What is our top recommendation for a prospective client? | UpTop Health

What is our top recommendation for a prospective client?

2m 50s

In their One Question for UpTop Health video series, UpTop Health experts discuss their top recommendation for prospective clients.

Moderator: John Sloat, (CEO)
Interviewees: Craig Nishizaki (Head of Business), Michael Woo (Director of UX)

Episode Transcript

Moderator: Hey, welcome to One Question with UpTop Health. My first question for you guys is if you had one recommendation for a prospective client, if they only did one thing to make their portal or their website or their application better, what would you recommend? Craig, why don’t you start off.

Craig: If they had to recommend one thing they can do, I would suggest prior to jumping into design and development get a real solid understanding of who your users are and what the big problems are that they’re facing. Rather than trying to chase after shiny objects and designing innovative things, really look at how you can solve the problem for that end user. Make their life easier reducing friction and then apply that in a design fashion and within the technical constraints, so a lot of it is just doing the pre-planning and I would recommend doing that before you get started. Mike?

Michael: I’d say Craig stole my answer No, essentially he’s right. You have to define the right problem you’re trying to solve. Just to reiterate, you have to understand what it is that you’re trying to solve, so doing the necessary research. I don’t want clients to be afraid of research and I understand that that could be a thing that can cause a little pause but, there’s a lot of lean research that you can do to get a lot of value. You don’t have to spend a ton of time there to really assess the areas that can provide the most value; whether it’s user interviews, some initial usability testing and definitely looking at the different data, both quantitative and qualitative (ie. pouring through your Google Analytics). Obviously you need to be able to understand what it is that you’re looking at, doing a quick assessment there.

You may have already done some surveys with your customers, and depending on the organization that you have you might already have readily available feedback from your customers in written format. Whether it’s from review sites or what have you — social media. There are a lot of things you can point to you and start to collect this data. To get a clearer picture as to the problem you’re trying to solve for so.

Moderator: Thanks.

Craig/Michael: You’re welcome.